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Repair Technology Textbooks

Offer type: salePublished: 07.08.2018
Seller:Shevchuk Aleksandr
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Uman'






MUSCOVITE( 2141,214145 "Svyatogor").

UAZ 31512. MAZ(64229,54323,53371,5551,5337).

KAMAZ (53215,54115,55111,65115).

Tractor Kzt74.

Handbook auto repairman.

The structure of the car.Handbook of toolmaker.

Machining ,metal cutting tools and machines.

Handbook of the young Miller.


Bearings:applicability and interchangeability.

Maintenance in agriculture.

Quick reference electroplating.

ABC innovator.Device and Assembly technology hours.

The directory of the master shoemaker.Technology alcohol.

A collection of technological instructions for the production of cansofV.


Technology skin substitutes.

300 tips(boats,boats and motors).


Legal references:

Kriminalnu right 95g

The criminal code of Ukraine CSI.

Soviet criminalistics(technique of investigating certain scen of crime).

Liability for crimes in the field of public health.

The inviolability of the person and duress in the criminal process.

Criminally-legal struggle against neradivymi income.

A brief Glossary of forensic terms


Medicine.Different.The psychology of character

Therapeutic Handbook in 2 volumes, 51 g. in Medical psychology..

Psychotherapy(suggestion,hypnosis) Slobodyanik.

Professional hypnosis (Gordeev )...Discover your inner genius


Russian-Ukrainian dictionary 80tys.words 800страниц

German-Russian dictionary 80tys.words 990страниц.1965

Dostoevsky "IDIOT" 2 volumes 1955 G. V. 660страниц.

There are newer and used.Ask what the book is interested.

 Will look at and report:author,year, the number of pages

format and condition (detailed photos),price.