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Construction health and fitness complex, USA, Florida.

Offer type: salePublished: 13.08.2014
Seller:AGB Roman
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It is proposed to act as a co-investor of an investment project on construction of a medical complex "Warm Mineral Springs in the USA, Florida.
The basis of the investment project lies with the concept of a medical complex with a wide range of services in the field of health, healing and rehabilitation of orthopedic, neurological and dermatological (skin) diseases with subsequent development of recreational infrastructure.
Investing in the proposed project provides an opportunity to:
- to organize a profitable business in the United States;
to ensure the export of capital and its secure attachment;
- to obtain permanent residence in the United States;
- to develop exclusive business project in relation to the unique location;
- great opportunities for expansion;
- to get a partner - specialist of high qualification in the medical field.
The initiating company owns an 18.5 acres (7.65 hectares) of land, mostly related 6 plots adjacent to the Warm Mineral Springs. Two of the sites that you plan to develop in the early stages of the project, have a commercial purpose use and do not have any archaeological and environmental impediments to development.
Global development plan proposes the construction of a health centre (Health and Wellness Center), hotel, townhouses and apartment complexes (Assisted Living Facilities).
Feature and the main competitive advantage of the project is directly adjacent the location of the medical complex for treatment of the lake with historical, unique and world-renowned geothermal (hot) mineral istochniki Warm Mineral Springs, located in the United States (North Port City, Sarasota County, Florida), and lack of sufficient health and medical services in the area.
Medical and SPA services
Construction and recreational property
Project stage:Initial stage: land ownership / concept and business plan of the project
Required investment:$5 400 000
ROI (return of investment):46.02%
The project payback period:2 years (including construction - 3 years)
Type investicijska in equity: up to 50%
Perceived competence of the co-investor
- Construction
- Project management
- Property management
Medical services
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