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Wooden blinds. Bamboo blinds. Kyiv. Ukraine.

Offer type: salePublished: 11.12.2023
Price:50 $
Company:Montazh Plyus
Seller:Mamchur Vitalij
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The modern world is moving towards the use of environmentally friendly materials and phasing out the polymers, at least in important areas such as the internal arrangement of the house. Wooden and bamboo blinds in a short time become very popular, they began to produce at an affordable price. Today you have the opportunity to buy wooden blinds at an affordable price.

Wooden blinds is a system of protection from the sun the premium. Reiki dried so as to reduce deformation from sunlight, i.e. drying of wood. They are made of more elastic straight grained wood, which allows to achieve the desired effect. Enough once set, wooden blinds on the Windows, and they will serve you for many years.

Where to buy wooden blinds?

Installation plus engaged in the sale and installation sun protection systems made of wood. The choice of a large number of colors from very light shade to almost black. You can select a configuration management: to install the drives or leave classic cords that can camping or on different sides or on one.

If you have a holiday home outside the city, it is possible to buy and wooden blinds on the Windows - the most profitable solution, so in summer they will effectively protect from the sun, and in winter to create cozy atmosphere, going from high-quality wood products.