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The Besieged Odessa. Azarov I. – Odessa: Mayak, 1975

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Azarov I. The Besieged Odessa. – Odessa: Mayak, 1975. – 259 S.
Over the blue vastness of the sea rises twenty-meter-high obelisk of red granite. At the foot of it day and night blazes the Eternal flame. People do not forget their sons, the cost of the life defended the Homeland and vasilijevic her glory. On the banner of the order of Lenin and gold Star. It is a reward for all of the defenders of Odessa, dead and alive. Descendants should know the heroes, proud of them, learn from them.
The book is a former member of the Military Council of the Odessa defensive region, Vice Admiral I. I. Azarov tells about many people — the Marines and sailors, airmen and sappers who fought near Odessa in 1941, about the workers and the workers who built, under fire, fortifications and tanks. Next to well-known rose, whose names we did not know.
The first and second editions of "Besieged Odessa" was warmly received by readers. The author continues to receive still emails from friends, participants of the heroic defense These letters and other materials helped to Supplement the book with new episodes, tell us about previously unknown exploits of participants in the defense of Odessa, which were a bright page in the annals of the Patriotic war, fighting for the great victory.
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