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Detergent with probiotics, Belgium - Nova Sfera

Offer type: salePublished: 25.07.2018
Seller:Nova Sfera
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The company "Nova Sphere" is engaged in promotion on the Ukrainian market of products of the Belgian company CHRISAL NV, which is an innovative company in the manufacturing of detergents, the properties of which open up entirely new opportunities in the field of cleanliness and hygiene.

Products company Chrisal NV not contain in its composition any aggressive substances (acids, alkalis, chlorine, phosphates, etc.), absolutely safe for humans and the environment, are biodegradable in nature. This is true for any concentration of the product. The product is fire - and explosion-proof, non-volatile, has a pungent odor

The products work on the basis of a strong penetrating ability of the aqueous solution at the molecular level, which allows to clean the surface by non-chemical method of separation by breaking adhesion of dirt just separated from the surface and removed. No chemical reactions takes place!

All products are certified in Ukraine

Kyiv, street Popudrenko, 52