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Promotion! Set: Dresser+ crib pendulum Natalka+ mattress + bed. New

Offer type: salePublished: 20.07.2018
Price:3 497 UAH
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Promotion! Set "Natalka with chest of drawers dark" : Chest+ cot pendulum+ coconut mattress + bedding set - 3497 UAH Description: Prices and product availability can be viewed on the website: On other sites the prices and availability of goods may not be relevant You can order: 1. phone: 096-903-85-17 , 095-9457257 , 093-240-27-67 2. on the website The store is located in Kharkiv city, tselinogradskaya str 58 B (opening 01.08.18) In other cities sending a new email every day . Imposed sent in advance with 10% Promotion! Set "Natalka with drawers" : Chest+ cot pendulum+ coconut mattress + bedding set Quality product for a newborn. Includes: 1. Changing dresser "Baby" 3+2 Description: You have a baby? You are faced with a question where to put the things of Your child? Uncomfortable to wear the baby on the couch? We offer the optimal solution is changing dresser "Baby" rainbow A changing dresser with a folding pelenator. Three large drawers and two small ones for a comfortable arrangement of things. A wide choice of colors and elegant line of facades will adorn any interior. The main advantages of the changing dresser: All drawers are made with environmentally friendly particleboard and safe for Your child; A changing dresser is very helpful in the daily care of the baby: change diapers, do exercise, dress (undress) of the child; In a changing dresser to put all the things the baby; The drawers are very easy going. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: Width: 700 Depth: 460 Height: 910 Case material: laminated chipboard Facade material: chipboard Production: Ukraine (Kharkiv) 2.Bed Natalka with folding marginalia pendulum Alder dark Description: The box is paid in addition + 265 UAH Description: wood: alder; size: 120*60 cm; age: 0 to 4 years; swing system: horizontal pendulum bearings; features: foldable cover, the bottom is adjustable in 2 positions; complete with box + 265 UAH The main advantages of cots pendulum "Natalka": A pendulum system provides smooth and quiet motion sickness of the child. Your baby will be calm and sweet sleep the whole night. The hinges on the bearings ensure a smooth swing. You do not spend much effort will be able easily and quickly to rock Your baby. Night especially comfortable cot pendulum, as a slight swing from to lull your kid. Cot pendulum does not spoil your flooring. The crib is made from environmentally friendly wood (alder) and covered with water-based lacquer that is harmless to newborns; When the child grows up the bed turns into a couch. Removed the pendulum swung a cover, cot be fixed and the child will be able to go. The bottom is adjustable in height (2 positions). It is very convenient, because when the child is small ― you raise the base to its maximum height and will not have to bend down low. And when the child grows up, you dip the bottom that the baby fell from the crib. Video review cot Natalka: 3. Included is a children's orthopedic coir mattress Coconut-foam you can choose any mattress from the assortment with Supplement 4. Comes with the bedding set with canopy and protection (8 units) Very good quality (100% cotton) Production: Ukraine Healthy and restful sleep for your child Package contents: ― sheets; the duvet cover; ― pillow case; ― blanket; pillow; ― canopy with bow; ― side (defense) with 4 sides with a pocket on the 4th side In the presence of different colors: pink, blue, green, light green, peach, purple etc. You can choose any color bedding on the site (included is a b & b 8 e 499 UAH): Mount canopy not included. Price -79 UAH. Additional information on the website