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Charles Spurgeon. 12 sermons on the Holy Spirit

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This book contains a selection of twelve sermons of C. H. Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit.
Spurgeon is one of the great preachers of the nineteenth century - began to preach when he was only 17 years old. His unusual talent was immediately recognized, and soon he became the most famous preacher in London. Since 1855, the light began to leave the weekly publication of Spurgeon's sermons. Many of them continue to be republished to this day.
Spurgeon's sermon is both simple and original, emotional and practical, understandable to both believers and unbelievers listeners. Attracted to his preaching of the fact that in them the author invariably devoted to the truth and has a clear and firm position that does not hide.
A collection of Spurgeon's sermons designed for a wide audience, and can also be useful for the pastor, the Ministers of the word and students of theological schools.

Publisher: The Covenant Of Christ
192 p., mg., 2002
Condition: good.