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Secrets of the hand: palmistry, chirognomy. Adolf Desarrol

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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
SECRETS OF THE HAND Art learn LIFE, NATURE AND FUTURE KAZHDAGO, through prostage research hands.

Op. A. Debarros
French translation sh

Publishing House: Moscow.
BB University printers ( Katkov Ko )
on Strastnoy Boulevard

"The mystery hands ". Guide to palmistry Book may present certain historical interest.
Leningrad 1991

Hard cover: fabric coated with an embossed silver

Language: old Russian
Number of pages: 609
Condition: good

About the author: Adrian Adolph Desarrol (1801-1886) is the one who has had a major impact on the study of the hand in the nineteenth century. Pays more attention to her symbolic learning, and more similar his approach to the mysticism of the Renaissance. Revived and rejuvenated old forms of palmistry.

Carefully reading the book Debarros, it can be noted that at the time of creation of his work he studied palmistry for over 15 years and aim to combine palmistry and chirognomy (p. 10). Already in the Preface we find a progressive author's idea that "rock is always subject to free will" (p. 11). This idea is repeated later in the text: "always and everywhere our future depends on us" (p. 244). This opinion compares favorably with confidence medieval palmists in the immutability of fate and Predestination. Very modern sounding lines shown on page 281: "all the lines can grow and shrink and even over time to be destroyed completely. Formed even new, as we are assured all hiromantii, and as we ourselves have learned".
Needless to say that and still meet palmists, confident that fate is immutable, and the lines are not changed over the years. Fortunately, they are in the absolute minority.
Debarros the book contains a lot of philosophical digressions and attempts to give palmistry a greater scientific weight. In the reprinted edition of 1991 book includes 609 pages. Consideration of chirognomy the author begins on page 151, and, in fact, to chiromancy, the study of the lines on the 246-page.