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Offer type: salePublished: 21.07.2014
Log Furniture Interior
Furniture to order. Furniture stores Kharkiv - compare prices, photos, and time of delivery. The interior of apartments and houses . High-quality finishing materials.
The ordered furniture: kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, wardrobes, wall, office, dressing room, furniture.
Furniture - huge range of models and a wide range of materials.
Bathroom furniture in Kharkiv from strict economy to luxury sanitary ware luxury. Tile granite. Buy plumbing through our website profitable and convenient.
Buy textiles under the ready-made interior or decor, or choose finishing materials for walls easy - phones salons You will find in the list.
The interior designers of Kharkov and the finished design projects are placed in each issue of the magazine.
The decor stores in Kharkiv, promotions and discounts, all the news, addresses and phone numbers of salons interior you will find on the pages of the magazine in the contents.
Internet resource is an electronic version of the journal "Furniture design". Everyone left the room represented in the form of an integrated flash application that allows users on the site to turn pages like in a real magazine. At the bottom of each page direct link to its text version. C each page of the text version of the magazine is direct link to the advertiser's site.
Easy to navigate site makes it possible to quickly understand the variety of offers, prices and services of the furniture market and to find an option which will suit You in terms of price quality time.
On the website You will find lots of interesting articles and useful
advice on design, decor and decorating your apartment, home or office, as well as get acquainted with the best deals furniture stores.