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A bracelet from mosquitoes mosquitoes midges kit 15 PCs

Offer type: salePublished: 05.06.2018
Price:75 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
  Forget about mosquitoes once and for all with a unique bracelet Green LUCK!

Green LUCK — unmatched protection from mosquitoes in home, apartment and outdoors, an indispensable item in your backpack cottagers, fisherman, hunters, and everyone who decided to relax in nature. Non-toxic!

Non-toxic, natural material that can be used by children. New Features of wristband Green LUCK

100% natural non-toxic mosquito bracelet Green LUCK made of cotton fabric, soft and pleasant to the touch, saturated with extract of grass "Citronella".

Natural ingredients bracelet Green LUCK do not cause irritation and allergies, Wristband, Green LUCK, you can use children*.

Extremely useful accessory has a stylish design and a range of colors: yellow, red, blue, green, pink, etc. — Your choice.

Offered for sale is Packed in a sealed plastic bag with "Gripper" fastener that prevents the bracelet from weathering during periods of storage.
The lifetime of LUCK bracelet Green depending on intensity of usage and weather conditions, high rates persist up to 240 hours of use.


The effectiveness of the bracelet after 24 hours 84% 48 hours, 79% of 72 hours, 73% 96 hours 60% 120 hours 55% 192 hours 49% 240 hours - 42% Keep the bracelet in the packaging with a special clasp ! Bracelet is better than the spray ?

First and foremost, he's better because to use it you just have to put on hand. This method of application is many times reduces the likelihood of allergies and other harmful effects on human skin, and saves you time.
Second, the bracelet does not kill mosquitoes, and chased them off. This means that for humans it is less harmful.
Thirdly, he will not take up absolutely no room in your pocket (which is not true about the sprays and creams).
Fourth, they can use children. The fact that the bracelet is impregnated with essential oil of citronella. And she is known to be harmless to humans, except that the oil should be applied on the body. In other words, the substance itself does not touch the child's body and his skin will not even be the reason for irritation.