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Spare parts for horizontal boring machine W, W/Year

Offer type: salePublished: 09.06.2014
Seller:Silkin Nikolaj
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OOO PKF "Rostekhkomplekt offers spare parts for horizontal boring machine mod. 2620, W/G:
The toothed wheel 2620.14.040
The helical wheel 2620.24.041
The toothed wheel 2620.24.043
The toothed wheel 2620.24.080
Clutch 2620.24.122
Gear shaft 2620.24.397
Spring 2620.24.433
Sleeve 2620.24.548
The conical wheel 2620.24.665
Unit gears 2620.24.736
Wedge 2-R-13C
The worm 2620.34.234
Screw W.511.403
Screw W.521.406
Nut W.521.053
Gear shaft W.113.203
The toothed wheel 2620.24.016
The toothed wheel W.113.204
The toothed wheel 2620.24.018
The worm 2620.121.140
Rake screw 2620.123.109
Screw 2620.131.204
The conical wheel 2620.131.112
Nut 2620.131.138
The spindle Assembly 2620
Bracket 2620
And yet a large number of screws, shafts and gears.