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Spare parts for lathes 1284, B

Offer type: salePublished: 10.01.2019
Seller:Silkin Nikolaj
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OOO PKF "Rostekhkomplekt offers spare parts for boring and turning machines 1284, B:
Caliper universal 47-SB
Bevel gear 12A-84-8
Bevel gear 13A-84-8
Bevel gear ROAD 110-84-10
Bevel gear B-84-10
The clutch Assembly B-SB
The mechanism Zainab-S
Gear B-02-59
Gear B-07-177
Gear B-10-32
Gear B-10-38
Gear B-10-75A
Gear B-10-76A
Gear B-10-110
Gear B-10-111