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Parts 1K62, parts lathe 1K62.

Offer type: salePublished: 13.01.2020
Seller:Silkin Nikolaj
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OOO PKF "Rostekhkomplekt" has the ability to put in Your address parts lathe 1K62:
Lead screw (RMC 710)1K62-11-21
Lead screw (RMC 1000)1K62-11-22
Lead screw (RMC 1400)1K62-11-23
Driving shaft (RMC-710)1K62-11-24
Driving shaft (RMC-1000)1K62-11-25
Driving shaft (RMC-1400)1K62-11-26
The roller switch (RMC 710-1400)
Rake (L mm.)1K62-11-32
Rake (L mm.)1K62-11-33
Lunette fixed 1K62-10-01
Lunette movable 1K62-10-01
The pump PA-32
Spindle stock:
Box skorosti-02-01
Shaft clutch (complete)1K62-02-310 SB
The shaft axis II (complete)1K62
The shaft III axis (Assembly)1K62
Shaft IV axis (Assembly)1K62
Val V axis (Assembly)1K62
Tape tormoznykh-02-253
The pump plunger 1K62-02-76
The pulley f 264mm.1K62-02-362
Disk friction 1K62-02-205
Disk friction 1K62-02-206
The tailstock:
The tailstock in sboren-03-01
Case back Babkin-03-11
The quill in sboren-03-36
Char supporter group:
Caliper assy (without carriage)1K62-04
The upper part supportc-04-111
The middle part supportc-04-112
Tool holder (Assembly)1K62-04-21
Screw the upper part of the caliper Assembly
Wedge top supportc-04-23
The lower part of the caliper 1K62-05-12
The cross feed screw in sboren-05-50
Wedge the bottom of the caliper 1K62-05-47
Apron in sboren-06-01
The lubrication pump in sboren-06-21
Nut matonak-06-63
Gear shaft IX ASIC-06-310
The feed box:
The feed box in sboren-07-01
The shaft of the Norton collection 1K62-07
The lubrication pump feed box