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Ball screw, ball screw transmission, screw ball screw BT.11.000

Offer type: salePublished: 09.06.2014
Seller:Silkin Nikolaj
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OOO PKF "Rostekhkomplekt offers ball screw production of JSC "Mikron" , Odessa:
BT.11.000; BT.33.000; CT.153.000.000; CT.154.010.000;
CT.000.000; CT.159.020.000; A; SUP.11.000; SVP.33.000; LV.182.000; LV.182.000; TF-1.300.001;
TF-1.600.001; TF-1.700.001; RF-37.61.001; RF-01.38.001;
RF-70.001; RF.37.108 manufacturing under the order if there are drawings (sketches).