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Offer type: salePublished: 04.06.2014
Seller:Protas Sergej
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The company for many years engaged in the selling of bearings of any modification and complexity. We have bearings of any of the world's leading brands B7001, B7002, B7003, B7004, B7008, B7009, B7010, B7011, B7012, B7014, B7015, B7016, B7017, B7018, B7019, B7020, B7024, B7032, B7036,B71902, B71904, B71906, B71907, B71908, B71909, B71910, B71912, B71914, B71915, B71916, B71917, B71919, B71920, B71921, B71922, B71926, B71928, B71930, B71932, B71934, B71940, B7200, B7201, B7202, B7203, B7204, B7205, B7206, B7208, B7209, B7210, B7212, B7216, B7217, B7218, B7219, B7220, B7222, B7226, B7228. We have a delivery by ground, Moscow, as well as shipping and transport company or pickup. We are working on the markets of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. If that is what you have ceased to rotate, so call us!!!
phone +7 499 3721650