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Definitions, concepts, terms in chemistry. Alexey Busev, Igor Efimov

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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Definitions, concepts, terms in chemistry

Release year 1977
Safety Good
The Authors Alexey Busev, Igor Efimov
The format of the publication 205х260 mm (large format)
The number of pages 224
With a circulation of 80,000
Publishing House Education
Binding Hard cover
Edition type edition

The manual represents a revised edition of the book "Glossary of chemical terms"

(1971). The book is aligned with the changes in the program at a school course

chemistry. It contains important concepts, definitions, terms inorganic,

organic, analytical chemistry and chemical production. Reflecting modern

scientific level, the manual includes terms related to radiochemistry, polymers,

chemistry rare metals, as well as biochemistry and Geochemistry. This book complements the textbook and the

extends the students ' knowledge in all areas of chemistry and chemical technology. It

to help students in independent work with educational and popular scientific literature.

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