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Garden, barbecue, outdoor oven grills, outdoor fireplaces barbecue for garden

Offer type: salePublished: 18.05.2018
Price:9 799 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

To create comfort in Your house You should buy our manufactured fireplace-barbecue.
Manufactured by our company fireplaces-BBQ facilities completely to perform their function, create the perfect mood and give a pleasant warmth to the owners and their guests.
The company Misad guarantees the highest quality products as we are manufacturers and have full control over the process the manufacture of each item.
For convenience, we offer an additional package of fireplaces barbecue:
- table garden;
Very convenient model, a fireplace-barbecue,complete with sink, which in turn is made of stainless steel and comes with a mixer and siphon.
Due to the additional bundling items perfectly combined with each other.
Our fireplaces BBQ we produce using decorative material – marble chips, so our products looks great.
The capacity of the skewers from 6 PCs to 10 PCs also available to adjust the height of the lattice grill.
Key benefits enjoyed by our fireplaces-BBQ:
- usability;
- durability;
- polished –water-repellent surface;
- security;
- gorgeous appearance.
Basic components of fireplaces barbecue:
1. Fireplace:
Flue to create a draught and flue gas.
The flue can be increased in height with additional sections. The height of the section – 30 cm, weight 23 kg.
You can calmly increase the height of the chimney 3 section – 90 cm
2. The refractory plate:
Fireplace – barbecue is made of refractory heat-resistant reinforced concrete. The refractory plate is made of chamotte - fire clay and aluminous cement, which has high strength at high temperatures of 1300 – 1500 degrees. and chemical inertness.
Through the use of these slabs our products are a higher degree of security that is very important when working with open fire. We have achieved such performance is long and hard work and proud of the result their work.
3. Ash pan:
The bunker is located at the bottom under the grate bars, used to collect ash produced from the combustion of fuel. Structurally, our company has solved this problem, as the ash box is made as low as possible and at the same time has the necessary volume.
4. The polished surface and water-repellent properties:
The table top surface is polished, it goes through the process processing to obtain a smooth and shiny surface.
We also impregnate the concrete with waterproofing impregnation which protects it from moisture and fungi, impregnation penetrates the concrete and disinfects it from the inside.
So Your fireplace – barbecue will always be clean, tidy and very beautiful.

All these features give great reviews from our buyers.
Our company carries out delivery across Ukraine, so You will not have any trouble in whatever town or village You are.
It is possible to complete an additional table , table and sink table-plate .

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