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"Rat's death №1"

Offer type: salePublished: 11.05.2018
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Company:OOO 'KRIG'
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk

 Ready bait to control rodents.

  Bait for rats is based on the rodenticide II-th-generation – brodifacoum production company "Activa S. r.l", Italy (anticoagulant drugs acting on the mechanism of clotting of blood, and not related to the number of acute poisons). The action of the lure itself on the 3 – 4th day and is reflected in the fact that rodents experiencing suffocation, internal bleeding begins, which is a 4 to 8-th day comes the death of the animals.

"Rat's death №1" does not cause acute food poisoning, so rodents can not determine the cause of the illness and warn the population about danger.

Due to the experience of suffocation rodents come out of hiding and die not in burrows, under floors and outside in the open.

The original formulation has no analogues in Ukraine, in Eastern Europe and is common in Italy, France, Germany and the United States. The main advantage of the bait "Rat's death №1" is its attractiveness to rodents.

"Rat's death №1" includes only natural ingredients - flour, sunflower oil, sugar, and special flavors, why rodents prefer the bait to habitual food. Of the introduced antimicrobial and antifungal agents due to which it does not lose its effectiveness and attractiveness for a long time (guaranteed shelf life – 24 months). The bait is not meant for non-target animals.

Dough is packaged in bags of filter paper weighing 12.5 grams. The filter paper passes the smell, but prevents the penetration of moisture that allows the lure to work in humid conditions (drains, sewers, etc.).


Means "Rat's death № 1" to lay under shelter in special or adapted for this piece of cardboard, polyethylene or metal, tweezers (to eliminate the "human scent") 1 sachet for mice, 2-3 sachets for rats in the places of settlement rodents near their burrows, to the movement along the walls.

Spread 2-15 m depending on the type and number of rodents

For 7-10 days to monitor the eating means and, where it is eaten, be sure to fill to the original volume. To stop the unfolding means when it remains intact rodents.


Do not break the bags not to touch the bait with bare hands, so as not to scare rodents human odor.

For the complete destruction of rats or mice on the treated areas, it is necessary to add the bait sachets for as long as it does not cease to be eaten by rodents.

The bait can be easily removed after use and does not require special disposal, enough to bury or burn it.

It will decompose into simple components within 30 days.

"Rat's death №1" is an environmentally safe product, its use is not harmful to birds, bees.

Price listed is per pack - 200g