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Roach Gel Dupont Advion America. 100% Original. DuPont

Offer type: salePublished: 07.05.2018
Price:250 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Avoid fakes!
100% original imported from USA
Dupont Advion Cocroach Gel. DuPont gel.
Gel cockroaches DuPont, which really destroys cockroaches.
Tube 30g (enough for up to 100 sq m)

Use simultaneously with the professional treatment of cockroaches.

For a beneficial effect recommend use 2 of the tube with an interval of two weeks.

Application: Apply the gel point, in places habitat cockroaches. To update every 3-4 days. Be sure to put in locations the possible influx of cockroaches (vent.a channel in the wall, cracks, doors, balcony)

For children and animals safe, what indicated on the package

Delivery in Ukraine "New mail"
Only the original, no fakes

The unique composition is the key to success !
In this gel, ADVION Cockroach used special patented component is "indoxacarb", instantly affects on the body of the cockroach, paralyzing muscle activity and inhibiting the production of immunity in insects.
At this point, roach "ADVION COCKROACH GEL" is a globally recognized the leader among the various solutions and proposals for the control of cockroaches.

Recommended places of application tools for maximum effect (for example, the kitchen)
1. Under sinks and near the trash tanks.
2. Perimeter window and door openings.
3. Near the shelves for food storage and tools.
4. Under the equipment.
5. Near ventilation systems.
6. The back side of the furniture and equipment.
You can apply the gel on foil and spread night.
Not vymazyvaja the entire tube at once. Recommend refresh gel after the first application in 3-4 days. When the cockroaches disappeared gel does not remove.

Use simultaneously with the professional treatment of cockroaches. Recommend. Well-proven.