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Biostok – biological product for cesspools and toilets.

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Company:OOO 'Biohlev'
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Biopesticide "Biostok" is a unique bacteria-caused in a special way organic media that have not been genetically modified, is safe for people, animals and the environment. Microorganisms are not visible to the naked eye. The mixture of four stamps of bacteria and enzymes provides a rapid the natural process of biological decomposition of organic wastes: fats, oils, fiber, cellulose.


The volume sump measure the required amount of the drug according to instructions dissolved in 5-10 liters (a must!) not chlorinated, settled water room temperature (+ 20°C to + 25°C). When the dosage of the drug should use only a dry tablespoon. Stirring occasionally, solution insist 20-30 minutes. The prepared mixture is poured in a sump the septic tank or street toilet. In the event of discharge of the mixture from the sanitary-technical equipment, you need to fill more 20 liters of water (so that the whole solution came in the cesspool).

In depending on the contamination and age of the local sewer, the action of the drug will be seen within 7-14 days in the form of the disappearance of unpleasant smell. When regular application, complete clearance occurs in four months. After restore natural drainage, the fluid level will stay at one level. Measurements of water level, is best done in the morning. In the case of imminent situation, do not pump water more than 25% of the content, it will worsen natural drainage and destroy colonies of bacteria.


For solution preparation the required proportion 10 g of a biological product on 0,5 l of water. To calculate the dose of a biological product in accordance with the length of pipe to use ratio: 30-50 grams (depending on contamination) at 10 m tube.

Pour the mixture preferably in the most distant point of introduction of sewage into the building for the most effective use of biopesticide (bacteria to spread on the surface of all pipes of the Sewerage network). After that, do not use drains 5-6 hours.

IMPORTANT! The contents of the cesspool or outdoor toilet must be covered with water layer not less than 2 cm do Not use the Laundry for 24 hours before and after application of the drug. The frequency of drug - 1 time in 2-4 weeks or when you see of unpleasant odors. The tool is useful for ambient temperature environment from + 7°to + 40°C. At low temperatures or intense the use of sewage, it is recommended to increase the dose in two.