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Mortise door for cats and small dogs

Offer type: salePublished: 31.05.2014
Mortise door for cats and small dogs
Details on our website: www.дверца-для-кошки.рф
Your cat is accustomed to walk on the balcony, or tray for cats is in the toilet, and you have to keep the door on the balcony or in the toilet open?
In this issue you will help the door for cats, which is easily installed in any door, whether the door to the balcony or the toilet, and you will no longer need to keep them open all the time!
Mortise door for cats and small dogs STANDART
Easy to attach and easy to use.
Can be used for doors and walls of any thickness so as to be mounted to the hole in the door or on the wall plate.
4 modes of use: open on two sides, open on one side, closed on two sides, you can only get, on the other hand cannot go.
2 colors to choose: white or brown.
Material: durable reinforced plastic. The fastening screws, the screws supplied (4 cm) which can be substituted by you for the screws of any length depending on the material of the door or wall to which are fastened the door. Wicker felt seal creates noise, silent operation and eliminates the penetration of odors.
External door frame: 20 x 22 see
The hole size of the hole 15 x 15 cm
The kit includes a lockable door with frame and mounting accessories.
Please note that when you purchase 2 doors you will automatically receive
discount 13%. Each door will cost 699 rubles
Mortise door for cats and small dogs Packed in a colourful cardboard box and can be a welcome and useful gift for pet lovers!