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Hunting tours, fishing tours in Siberia

Offer type: servicesPublished: 27.05.2014
The company Putranto offers everyone in the fall of exciting hunting and fishing tour on the river Dry the river - hunting for upland game, and if desired, and fishing. Lovers of hunting and fishing will have about 130 kilometers adventure - endless forests, deep river, Siberian nature in all its splendor.
Forests and rivers Putorana plateau is rich in prey. On a Dry Tunguska possible the hunting of upland game collection grouse - grouse, black grouse, wood grouse.
On the Northern rivers in autumn you can go fishing for lenok, whitefish, trout. In addition, the autumn fishing promises to give a meeting with grayling and pike.
Hunting and fishing tour starts in Turukhansk, on the North of the Krasnoyarsk region. To get more information and to apply for participation in fishing and hunting tours on the site of Uterature