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Metal beds for camp beds for nursing home, hospice

Offer type: salePublished: 24.09.2021
Seller:Net Oksana
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Address:Kaluga, Kaluzhskaya Oblast', Russian Federation
The price is 750 rubles
Bunk and single metal beds economy class. Company METAL BED produces different ways of metal beds:
- metal bed with wooden headboard (for rest homes, sanatoriums, boarding houses, boarding schools, hospitals, hotels, camps)
bed with metal mesh rolling springs (for tourist, educational institutions, hostels)
bed metal with welded mesh (for construction trailers, temporary cabins, outhouses)
bed metal army (military barracks)
Metal beds are not deformed, not exposed to a corrosive external environment, are easy to clean and convenient for transportation. When making use of environmentally friendly materials that are not harmful to the environment and man.
In addition to beds we produce bedding: mattresses, pillows, blankets p\W. The strictly protected area of 10 pieces. Rates will satisfy any buyer! Shipping to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus
+7 926 875 47 01;
+7 926 786 44 45 Oksana