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Repeller dogs and cats stationary ultrasonic LS-987S Dogchaser

Offer type: salePublished: 31.03.2015
Price:850 UAH
Seller:Ostapenko Anna
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

An effective way of dealing with the penetration areas, yards, gardens, the front gardens of dogs, cats, squirrels, otters, hares. The device operates from a network of 220 watts or from batteries (2 PCs., the "crown"), which allows the use it anywhere. To install the device on a wall, tree or pole jammed into the ground (support included). The device is placed in a protective the plastic casing for added protection from rain, wind, sun.
The device emits ultrasonic waves in the range from 18 000 to 24 000 Hz, affect animals and not visible to humans.
The main difference of this device is sensitive to infrared detection system. When the operation detection system appliance enters an animal, the device begins to emit ultrasonic waves, the rest of the time the device is in sleep mode, which allows to save energy. When the device detects the animal and begins to radiate waves of the red led on the front panel. Also on the front panel there is a "TEST" button, which allows you you can verify that the device works. The device operates on 12 meters, angle exposure to 70 degrees. The protected area is 75 sq m.
Dimensions 110 x 100 x 95 mm
The weight of the device without battery 375 gr. (main module + protection)
Power supply - battery 9 V x 2 PCs. (KRONE type - alkaline) or adapter 220 V to 9 V
The duration of ultrasound after the release of the animal from the area 25 sec
The heating time of the sensor 30 sec
Frequency range 18.000 - 24.000 Hz
The protected region 70 degrees, 12 meters