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Sell barley durum wheat varieties Durum (macaroni grits / flour) - price per ton

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:AR-Teh OOO / AR-tech LTD
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AR-Tech LTD as the official representative Julia Malom LTD, Hungary provides Ukrainian and foreign producers supply grains wheat durum "durum" (eng. - "durum semolina") - raw materials for the production of pasta, Italian pasta, semi-finished products, etc.


Ash/ Ash (%) - Inframatic 8600
Max/ max. 0.9%

Humidity/ Moisture (%)
Mettler Toledo HB43 Infra, accuracy +/- 0,5
Max/ max. 15.0%

Protein/ Protein (%)
Inframatic 8600, accuracy +/- 1,0
Minimum/ min. 11.0%

Wet gluten (gluten)/ Wet gluten
MSZ EN ISO 21415-2
Minimum / min. 28.0%

Rainfall/ Falling Namber (Hagberg)
MSZ EN ISO 3093:2007
Minimum / min. 250

Pellet/ Granule -
MSZ 6369-7:1978
500μm: (%) max. 1
160μm: (%) max. 20


1. Julia Malom Kft. - one of the largest producers of cereals durum in Hungary, which comes not only within the country but also beyond its borders, one of several mills from the network Julia.
2. Deliveries are made directly from the manufacturer under a direct contract with the Customer, without intermediaries, thus ensuring that the price of the manufacturer.
3. The possibility of ordering a trial shipment of goods for production, laboratory analyses.
4. High values of the quality indicators (see Certificate of quality, which gives the lowest possible values, which are guaranteed by the manufacturer anyway) that allows you to make pasta without adding egg yolk, beta-carotene or food dyes, with pasta have a distinct amber color.
5. The possibility of shipment as in road transport and rail.
6. The proximity to the border of Ukraine is only 400 km from the Ukrainian border.
7. Guarantee of return of goods, the European approach to customer relationship management.
8. Goods can be Packed in paper bags and big bags. Download - on Euro pallets.
9. Attractive, absolutely fair market value. For large volume order discounts.
10. The plant uses flour milling equipment, which meets the highest requirements in the milling business. Processing of Durum wheat is carried out on equipment Bühler. The plant is equipped with the latest automation system silo storage and shipment.

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