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The rollers on heel Flashing Wheel four-wheel, glowing with sliding system

Offer type: salePublished: 27.04.2018
Price:400 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The rollers on the heel of Flash roller was developed in Japan in 2005 for skaters who can not do without their favorite movies, but because of the size of the classic rollers can't always take them with you. The novelty soon gained great popularity and took US and all of Europe.

If You like to be the center of attention, always strive to be originalrollers on heel will certainly attract increased interest in Your person.

Roller skates shimmer with multi-colored led lights, which are especially spectacular in the dark. LEDs only work from the energy of Your movement.

Mini videos dress up on the heel of a conventional Shoe and fasten an elastic strap, on each side a pair of wheels. One has only to put on and secure the clips on the foot, and You will not have time to notice how quickly rush down the road!

Suitable for all ages, from 5 years of age and for different sizes of shoes.( can be separated into 3 divisions with a screwdriver).

Maximum load 70 kg.

Roller skating would be good with a smooth surface. You can just ride around the paved streets , sidewalks, and paving in shopping centers or take with you on vacation.

How to learn to roller skate?

Learn to roller skate Flashing Roller is not difficult,the main thing is to find a balance and be able to keep the balance. In the beginning you need to choose a flat surface.For confident riding first need only walk a little, as if to extension. It is important to put leg before starting the movement: one foot after the other, that is, the feet should create a single line. The leading leg is put on the heel with wheels, and support leg pushes off. To stay you just need to omit socks. If you do not feel confident, practice at the tower, on that you can rely in case of loss of balance.

Useful tips:

It is not advisable to ride in bad weather, water or dirt can quickly ruin a rotating part.

To prolong the operating life Flashing roller, we recommend to periodically clean the wheel and lubricate the bearing.

For safety purposes while riding on rollers,you may want to wear protective gear.


Country of origin: China

Type of rollers : sliding

Gender: unisex

Age: for children and adults

Frame material: plastic

Wheel: PU, glowing

The stiffness of the wheels 82A

Bearing: ABEC-7

Diameter of wheels : 72 mm.

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