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Magic coloring –coloring first ,and then "revive" the picture !

Offer type: salePublished: 25.04.2018
Price:25 UAH
Company:FOP Pavlenko N.V
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Address:Ukraine, Ternopil's'ka Oblast', Ternopil

                                                                                            Already know they are not normal, right? You're right, they're magic. The characters on them come to life and look like what they were conceived of and painted by your child. Of the millions applications you have found the best! Cool!


We could say that these turned coloring in magic using the innovative technology of augmented reality. But actually it is not important which technology is used. The important thing is that we created these coloring pages are for you, your children and grandchildren, with a large love. We tried very hard and gave them a piece of his soul, that's why they such magic!


Then it's simple. Here is what you have left to do:


1. Without saying a word! Unnoticeably download this app.


2. Select coloring pages that you I think he'll like it. And order them from us!

3. Let the child paint them as he pleases. Be warned, now that you have the magic power and will be able to revive his creation. Ask prepare for the magic!


4. Launch the app and point the camera on the coloring. Voila, the magic starts!


Of course it would be better if you first check yourself relive a couple of the characters. If something is not clear, read the tips in the app. Immediately contact us if you have something does not will. We will do everything to help.


And remember! Now in your hands great magic power. With its help, you can not only liven up creations your child!