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Планер Planner “My perfect day”

Offer type: salePublished: 23.04.2018
Price:399 UAH
Seller:Tarabakin Igor Valerijovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Glider “My perfect day” contains:
manual and recommendations
goals by areas of life
glider for a month
daily rituals (habits tracker)
plans and end of each day, week, month
the specialized structure of the day
modern quotes and pictures
thematic challenges and tricks of the week
to view, read, purchase, gift
50 targets
my ideas and achievements
habits that want to implement
financial portal
18 clean sheets for creativity
248 pages, Russian and Ukrainian language
A5 format, hard cover, wear-resistant Italian faux leather
In a glider “My perfect day” you can see your month at a glance, determine important goals for today, to remember about all spheres of life and keep them in balance. You don't need to think what kind of planning tools to choose and to remember the structure in the head – we did it for you. And most importantly, what we have lacked is an inherent system of self-control!
Developed coach and a psychologist based on the techniques of successful people and world business coaches.
Our glider is successful and liked by most! Say for us positive feedback and certificates!
Use our glider “My perfect day” and you will achieve success, enjoying the process.
Glider “My perfect day” is:
your personal coach
a simple tool to achieve goals and fulfillment
a way of increasing their efficiency, productivity and consistency
the ability to track daily progress, which will allow you to be motivated
the increase of self-confidence
the results of the day will give as encouragement, instead of being depressed from the feeling that you are constantly doing less than you need
The main feature of our planner is that you can not only achieve goals, but to track, analyze and adjust the daily the way to achieve them. And also use page up, like a personal diary, which, along with daily planning, recommend keeping Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Isaac, Pintusevich other gurus.
“Make yourself happy and you change your world around.”
It is also a great gift!
Glider “My perfect day” = that every one perfect day in your life.