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Blinds in Kiev and throughout Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 14.04.2018
Company:Kompaniya "Zhalyuzi Servis"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

To make goods and services available, the company Jaluzi-Service is expanding its presence in the regions. Today, we have representation offices in many cities, allowing you to serve a large number of customers. Our employees carry out measurements and deliver the finished roller blinds and mount them. These designs will allow you to adjust the lighting and create the most favourable environment for rest or work.

Due to the variety of designs that customers can order, it is possible to create the perfect window decor for any room. Using blinds, you will receive durable elements of the interior. Horizontal models are ideal for living rooms, but in offices they are used. Can be combined with curtains and classic curtains or to remain an independent element. Made of aluminum or plastic lamely. Color scheme is not limited. Can have a different color from the one side and different.

The vertical position of lamely will visually increase the height of the room. Straight lines and create a chamber effect and because of this, such systems are very popular in offices. They can be of different heights, mounted on the wall above the window opening near the ceiling or directly on it. As long as to reach the window sill or floor, in width, close the window or the wall. They are made from fabric, or sometimes aluminum is used.

Using blinds, you will get the stylish look of the Windows. They will protect the premises, not only from light, but also prying eyes from the street. The material from which they are made of different composition. Can be completely natural, created from synthetic fibres or have a hybrid option. Is divided into three kinds of transparency. Completely transparent canvases reminiscent of tulle or lace. There are those, with which you can create a maximum darkening in the room. They are used in home theaters or where you intend to use projection equipment. Translucent blinds are the most common because they can be called universal.