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"Street Sidе" - the Right sun protection!

Offer type: salePublished: 13.04.2018
Company:Street Side
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Getting hot.

One salvation - conditioning. It's a tradition. Is there an easy way
to prevent the greenhouse effect not to let the sun through the window in
the room and accordingly does not give heat . Called for that
awnings, pergolas, rafshtory, shutters, shutters. They are as much
bask in the sun, but because of the outdoor installation the heat stays outside.

They are positioned as a means of PROPER SUN protection.
Manufacturers of these tools are located abroad and the price
the unit budget of ordinary citizens.

Ukrainian engineers found an affordable option of proper sun protection
"Street Sidе" (eng. side) in overhead sets at
Windows, successfully applied from 2015.

In fact, it is irrevocable outdoor blinds, enclosed in a frame of
PVC strips and aluminum tubes. Lamellae white located under
a slope angle of 44* 30mm step. These parameters experimentally
chosen and are universal for the entire territory of Ukraine, i.e.
at the maximum protection from the heat is minimal dim room
it is especially important for indoor plants in cloudy weather.

Performance kits "Street Sidе"provides resistance to
temperature, precipitation, gusts of wind for years.Installation kits "Street
Sidе" is made using aluminum brackets for wood
frames or using fasteners TM "3M"(USA) on glass, frame, m/n Windows,
the mosquito net frame. Collapsible castles 3M "Dual Lock" provide an opportunity
easy removing and re-installing, in the cases of wash kits or their
seasonal applications. Described above, gave an understanding of how to limit
the influence of the solar rays.

And the summer's formula comfort for Ukraine:

Sets the "Street Sidе" on the Windows. Closed Windows in the heat of the day. Open
the Windows at night. Insulated walls, ceilings, Windows.

The result of these factors is:


But the real feeling 250%
the expected 100%

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