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Pillow Winter-Summer with dvusloinye filler sheepskin-linen from the manufacturer of the Kharkov factory collection Demi

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2020
Price:190 UAH
Company:Har'kovskaya fabrika Demi collection
Seller:Demidova Yuliya
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Good day dear customers!

Pleased to welcome You on the official website of the factory COLLECTION DEMI TM Kharkov. Direct wholesale and retail supply of home textiles to our production

Offer to buy quality pads Winter-Summer directly from the manufacturer of the Kharkov factory collection Demi

Soft, lightweight, comfortable, elastic and durable cushion Winter-Summer with dvusloinye filler sheepskin+len from the manufacturer of the Kharkov factory Demi collection

Quality time-tested at factory prices, without intermediaries, sell from one unit, all prices retail

The lowest prices for products of Demi collection - only from us!!!

All products own certified production without intermediaries Kharkiv factory Demi collection.

The website of the factory-manufacturer: demi-с

Case: calico Suite (Quality, durable, soft and pleasant to the touch cotton fabric, the weave is dense, doesn't shed)

All colors possible tissue cover pillow Winter-Summer and their names presented on the photo to see them tap on main the photos in the ad: (ask please any - represented in the gallery colors almost all goods produced by the factory (and the pillows and blankets, and mattress covers, and blankets).

Height: average
Hardness: medium soft

Packaging: branded gift zip
Uniform distribution: the Filler is evenly distributed inside the pillow and takes the shape of the head

50x70, 60x60-190uah.,
70x70-200 UAH.,

May be produced in different sizes according to standard tariffs for a period of 1-2 days

Pillow Winter-Summer collection Demi inside consists of two sections (wool section "winter" and linen section "summer") are separated by a soft cloth tube.

We can manufacture bespoke sizes made to order for a period of 1-2 days at standard rates

The main advantages of winter hand pillow Winter-Summer filled with sheep's wool:

1. Health benefits for rheumatism, pains in muscles and joints;
2. Wool perfectly absorbs moisture and retains heat so you sweat and stuffiness during sleep is absolutely impossible;
3. Cushion of fleece can help You with headaches, to help normalize blood pressure;
4. Wool does not cake tightly with a natural twist wool fibers, and this causes not only durability but also a great the insulating properties of such pillows.

The composition of the filler wool winter hand pillow collection Demi: 90% high quality natural fine lamb wool (washed, combed, silky, the smell is almost completely absent, even if it is embarrassing, just wash the product), 10% hypoallergenic polyester fiber.

Filler both sides of the pillow Winter-Summer - and sheepskin, and linen is a elastic springs in the form of balls that can further give it the pomp and gas Lak, professional, and significantly extend the service life.

Hygienic conclusion of Ministry of health of Ukraine on Hypo-allergenic siliconized polyester fiber 05.03.02-04/19210

Supplement soft and "fluffy" environmental Hypo-allergenic fiber to natural fillers significantly improves the performance properties products. It increases the elasticity, softness, fluffiness and lightness, not accumulate dust. The perfect breathable, and maintains temperature mode and provides uniformity of the filler throughout the term operation.

The main advantage of our products is also increase their practicality due to the possibility of washing in the washing machine not fearing that the filler can be off. Thanks to this technology prevents loss of form or even after beating repeated washings.

Hypoallergenic fiber - environmentally clean non-allergenic material, which is recommended even for newborn babies including direct contact with baby's skin

To unfortunately not all manufacturers indicate the percentage additives natural fillers. Believe pure wool filler without additives can, if you burn a small piece. After combustion natural wool residue should be completely crumble into dust.

The main advantages of summer side airbags Winter-Summer filled with flax:

1. Environmentally friendly filler without chemical treatment
2. Thermoregulation
3. High hygroscopicity
4. Hypoallergenic

Len has anti-allergic properties, it absorbs moisture and protects against the effects of electrostatic voltage. It is believed that flax improves circulation and promotes a feeling of comfort while sleep.
The composition of the filler linseed summer side airbags Demi collection: 50% high quality natural linen, 50% hypoallergenic siliconized polyester fiber

Filler flax is the stalks of flax from creamy white to dark grey-beige finely chopped in thin soft, flexible, not injecting fiber and fluff in a homogeneous air soft mass with hypoallergenic fiber.

Moreover, we are using only the most environmentally friendly and useful unbleached natural linen color

Flax fiber possesses such properties as good air circulation and the ability to absorb moisture, ease.

Thanks the modern collection features flax, the natural structure is preserved its fibres, which gives the products of flax elasticity and fluffiness at the same time. The flax from which made our products not treated with chemicals and dyes, it is saved