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rice flour as a thickener in the manufacture of sausages and semi-finished products

Offer type: salePublished: 23.04.2019
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Rice flour contains a wide range of natural minerals, vitamins and mineral substances with high biological value. This product can add to raw meat dry and in hydrated form. Also flour performs the following functions:
- binds water in the ratio 1:4, 1:6;
- during the heat treatment reduces the loss of raw meat;
- forms stable gels.
Rice flour tends well to retain moisture. So when the production of chopped semi moisture is retained at 100%, sausages of 600%. At the same time, rice flour keeps the fat 180%. Unlike soy flour and soy protein isolate, rice no fat, which allows the meat to retain its natural taste after thermal treatment.
So, rice flour can be used in the production of meat products as a filler to replace them with modified starches. When brewing rice flour produced a thick neutral in taste weight, with which perfectly suit a variety of food components (meat, mushrooms, spices, etc.). In the production of pates and meat it adds plasticity to the final product. Meat products containing rice flour, well kept. When using volume the final product is increased and the structure of the final product is not appears starch flavor and does not change the taste of other ingredients.