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Loggia in Zaporozhye photo

Offer type: servicesPublished: 24.04.2014
Seller:ChP KIROL
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia
Modern, beautiful, warm and cozy loggia in Zaporozhye from the company "Chiral". The specialists of our company will embody all of the long-awaited wishes on construction and reconstruction of additional space in Your apartment: raise and align the floor, will produce high-quality insulation, provide lighting, install hanging clothes dryer or montirat built-in wardrobe.
All installation work "Chiral" are performed in the shortest possible time, thanks to our own production of plastic products (only 2 days!) and high professionalism of specialists with extensive experience in this area of construction.
Action!!! When ordering balcony or loggia turnkey - Blinds as a gift!
To view photos of completed projects, please visit:
(061) 220-74-74; 067-612-612-5; 050-484-06-26; 063-946-1000
, Zaporozhye, Lenin Avenue, 158, office 305