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Cheap office furniture from the manufacturer.

Offer type: salePublished: 14.04.2014
Seller:Arhipova Irina
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Address:Russian Federation
The company "Forward Line" provides the cheap and high-quality office furniture for the staff and the offices of the head at the lowest prices in Moscow!
Office furniture series a simple note on prices!! Tables office at 1374 rubles, office tables by 2026 rubles, office cabinets on 2383 rubles, cabinets clothing on 3679 RUB Also here You can buy cheap office chairs and chairs. Chair "Prestige" will cost only 1340 rubles, chair of art - 730 rubles, and the chair "Standard" will cost only 580 rubles, and it's RETAIL PRICE!
Until the end of April of the total order is 30,000 rubles you get an additional discount of 10% of the amount of goods ordered. Hurry up to buy furniture for staff and leadership offices right now!!! Look forward to Your calls!