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Helmet of Darth Vader with modulation of voice

Offer type: salePublished: 02.12.2023
Price:150 $
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Helmet of Darth Vader Darth Vader with modulation by a change of voice, sound effects. An exact copy of the helmet Darth Vader with stunning sound effects - built-in helmet Darth Vader microphone allows you to change the voice of the speaker, giving it the famous voice of the Dark Lord! In addition to modulation function real voice, helmet Darth Vader you can also listen to breathing sinister Darth Vader. By pressing one button You can activate the function of the Breathing of Darth Vader that will not leave indifferent any others! In addition, the helmet of Darth Vader plays the most famous phrases from the movie the voice of a real Darth Vader : You don't know the power of the dark side! Don't make me destroy you! Your powers are weak! There is no escape! The force is with you! With this helmet You fully become the Dark Lord and you shall know the true Power of the Dark Side! This model helmet of Darth Vader in the new state - extraordinary rare on the market, since it is not produced since 2005. Now this product passes into the collectible and expensive. However, there is a supply of goods, second-hand (used). We also offer b/helmet of Darth Vader with modulation of voice with discount! Used helmets are readily available. All the products in excellent cosmetic condition, minor scratches or abrasions. All the goods are 100% functioning! Product features the Helmet of Darth Vader with modulation by a change of voice : Built-in microphone Power supply: 3 AA batteries Materials: high quality ABS plastic bezlopastny to human health. The universal size: fits children (from 5 years) and adults. The mask is governed by special mounts on any head size. Equipment goods Helmet Darth Vader with modulation by a change of voice : Mask Helmet Lapel control panel Due to the unstable dollar, please check the appropriate price of the goods. The price in dollars unchanged at $ 120 USD. We are located in Kiev, sending it to the cod between our two countries is not a courier service. Shipping options now are: 1) delivery to Ukraine in the name of your acquaintances, relatives, friends; 2) Deposit via any payment system (Contact,Unistream, Zolotaya Korona) and courier delivery to Russia for 5-6 days. The shipping cost is negotiated; 3) pre-order for 1 month, distributing in Moscow once a month. The shipping cost is negotiated.