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Machines new from the manufacturer. Machines warehouse. Low prices, guarantee.

Offer type: salePublished: 20.03.2014
Seller:Meshkov Dmitrij Evgen'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
LLC Stanhopea" , Smolensk, being the official dealer of manufacturers of machine tools, sells new Metalworking, Metalworking machine tools manufacture of machine-tool factories of Russia and Belarus, as well as tools, machine accessories and tooling. Additional equipment for machine tools - vices, chucks, chucks drilling and tapping, bushings, clamps, swivel tables, plates electromagnetic and much more. Have the ability to supply other equipment manufactured in the Republic of Belarus and Russia.
Machines available on 20.01.2014, in stock:
Radial drilling: GS 640 000 rubles, C 1 200 000 rubles
Grinding : TS-1 use 10(PWD 250mm), 39 000 rubles,
TS-2 use 10(PWD 300mm), 47 000 rubles
Abrasive cutting OOS 62 500 rubles
Abrasive cutting V
Plate electromagnetic: 7208-0063 use 05, 100 000 rubles
PEM-4080 use 05, 150 000 rubles
Milling machines:
Vertical milling machine mod. FSS450MR 1 900 000 rubles
Horizontal milling machine mod. FU450MR 1 900 000 rubles
Slotting machine DG-320 2 200 000 rubles
Planing machine SF-4 125 000 rubles
All the equipment is NEW, original equipment.
Within 10 days to prepare for shipment the following equipment:
Screw-cutting GSW (L=500mm, RMC, 1, 1.5, 2 m
Vertical drilling T(L=40mm)
MILLING LICENSED firm HECKERT(Germany), including DRO:
Horizontal rotary table FU350MR (T), FU450MR (T)
Horizontal cross table FW350MR (TG), FW450MR (TG)
Multi-purpose FU350MRApUG (TS), FU450MRApUG (TS).
Milling, including DRO:
Horizontal milling ORSHA-FGH
Universal milling ORSHA-Fuh
Multi-purpose ORSHA-Fuh
Surface grinding, including DRO: DF, DHF, ORSHA 4080
Slotting machine: the DG-200, DG-500
Universal grinding OT-818 (E).
The list of equipment and tools presented in the product Catalog on the website of the company