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Open dining room,cafe, restaurant.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 13.03.2018
Seller:. Aleksej Gennad'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast'
The company "EURALEX KRB GROUP offers to Open a restaurant professional advice on the opening of the restaurant, auditing, and diagnostics, automation production system R-Keeper). To optimize the cost of restaurant, club, bowling, pub, Brasserie (restaurant), cafe. Crisis management, promotion of the restaurant, supplier audits, analysis of procurement prices, concerts, support and presentations. Ready to consider regional and local projects, advise ready business. We will give an independent examination for the assessment of equipment, the purchase price and costs of experts, as well as:
To open a restaurant, club, bowling, pub, café.
1.Selection of premises.
2.Receiving capacity. Contracts of supply.
3.Obtaining permits for public catering enterprises.
4.Complex automation of the restaurant business.
5.Construction. Sale, installation of air conditioning systems.
6.Design (restaurant, bar, club). Project and maintenance.
8.Security and control “ORR”, CCTV.
9.Process equipment, project, (kitchen, bar, sink).
10.Music and light equipment (metering, installation, installation, maintenance).
11.Furniture, tableware, textiles.
12.Suppliers: alcohol, food, household goods, etc.
13.Website development, video, printing, exterior signs of approval.
14.Website phone 8(909) 977-75-78 Alexey Gennadievich.