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Tour on May holidays.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 10.03.2013
Seller:Irina Irina Viktorovna
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Address:Ukraine, Luhans'ka Oblast'
Take the time to plan their holidays .
Sightseeing tours . The question always arises: how to spend the holiday weekend? This year we have 10 days off and we offer various tours of your choice. Quality service guarantee we have a wealth of experience in tourism .
No. 1 ) Svyatogorsk . A unique historical and architectural reserve is located on the territory of national nature Park "Holy mountain". The tour includes a visit of the Holy Dormition Church of the Lavra guarantee visit caves. ( daily from 1 - 05 12 - 05 )
No. 2 ) Svyatogorsk Lavra + Raisins ascension Cathedral and the amazing healing the font.
No. 3 ) , Donetsk - You can find the stadium Donbass Arena, the Tsar cannon, the Park of forged figures, Lenin square, the picturesque Pushkin Boulevard, Park them. Shcherbakov. The Tsar cannon and the Museum of forged figures, Dolphinarium , Planetarium , Botanical garden
No. 4 ) Kiselev beam - curing font healing .
No. 5 ) Green tourism - it is spring tour attracts with its beauty . In the reserve many different colors there we cook gruel .History of Belovodsk and Germanskogo stud farm .
No. 6 ) Salt mine, Soledar - the Excursion is carried out at a depth of 300 m where all of the salt.
No. 7 ) , Artemivsk. Factory of sparkling wines - the largest enterprise in Eastern Europe for the production of sparkling wines using traditional champagne method. Tasting 5-7 types of champagne.
No. 8 ) , Zaporozhye. The legendary island of Khortytsia is the heart of the Ukrainian Cossacks. The Museum of wooden architecture, Trinity Church, excursion by boat around the island , visiting the theatre of the horse dance.
No. 9 ) , Krasnyi Lyman. C. Yampil. Ostrich farm. The opportunity to see and learn many interesting facts from the life of ostriches and meet other inhabitants of the farm.
No. 10 ) Volnovakha district, S. Nikolskoye. Visit Saint Basil monastery and the St. Nicholas convent. + Reserve "within the woods".
No. 11 ) , Dokuchayevsk. Walk on Dokuchaev the zoo is the only one in the Donbass. Botanical garden, children's railway with the wonders of the world in miniature, terrarium, as well as the country's only Museum of vandalism.
No. 12 ) Kurakhovo only Ukrainian outdoor pool where you can swim all year round. The water temperature is + 30 degrees, the length of the track 50 m, the number of tracks - 8 Pool is Kurakhovskaya TPP. Also visit the Church of the Sovereign Mother of God, built in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Overview of the city of Donetsk. You should have: rubber Slippers, washcloth , soap, towel ,bathing suit. This tour will leave a lot of pleasant memories.
No. 13 ) "the Old manor of Kharkiv region" C. the fingernail clam - n-Natalika - C. Parhomivka (art Museum) - Krasnokutskiy arboretum. Inspection of the "sacrificial stone" and "Scythian women". The Church of All saints in the Old Merchyk, merciful Saviour in Natalika and intercession in the parhomivka and fabulous Krasnokutskiy arboretum .
No. 14 ) we Invite you to take a fascinating trip to St. Sophia Park, which is located in the historic town of Uman, Cherkasy region and is a wonderful piece geniuses of landscape art in the late XVIII - early XIX centuries. The Park is widely known both in Ukraine and abroad . + Buki Temple complex with landscaped Park in the village - a piece of Paradise in the province. But no description can not Express the beauty and grandeur which fill these cozy complexes!
No. 15 ) Krasnodon - Museum "Young guard" - a clandestine organization that operated in Krasnodon during the German occupation of Donbass. You will visit the Museum , which holds the documents of those times and personal belongings of the characters, learn the details of their life and terrible death.
No. 16 ) Starobilsk with his Holy nunnery , amber temple ,thermal source, parks and historic sites.
Traveling with us You will experience good service and comfort and unforgettable experience for all
days . Prices for tours are available.