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Polish neodymium magnets - Poland-Magnit.

Offer type: salePublished: 20.04.2018
Price:95 UAH
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Address:Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv, Ukraine
Neodymium magnet, which has a special power and consisting of rare earth metals: alloy of neodymium, iron and boron. The modern market also offers options using yttrium and cobalt instead of the last two. This strongest permanent magnet has a metal appearance, small size and light weight, but it is quite fragile and affects the strongest power of attraction and a high resistance to demagnetization.
 Neodymium magnet is a unique and versatile reliable magnets that due to the properties almost completely pushed out of the market other types. They are especially popular and demanded in various industries, in traditional and folk medicine, agriculture, household, construction, electronics, etc.
Our shop "Poland-Magnit" offers to Your attention a Polish neo magnets on the optimal wholesale price, different shapes, size and power. If You have received enough information on our website or You have any further questions, our consultants will provide comprehensive information by phone +380638094376, +380985507495 will help you choose neodymium magnet that meets all Your requirements and needs.
Our product
Puzzle neo cube 216 beads 3mm - 450uah
Neodymium magnet 10х3 - UAH 6
Neodymium magnet 20х8 - 40 UAH
Neodymium magnet 20x10 - 55 UAH
Neodymium magnet 30х10 - 95 UAH
Neodymium magnet of about 40 x 10 - 150 UAH
Neodymium magnet 45х15 - 235 UAH
Neodymium magnet 45х20 - 300 UAH
Neodymium magnet 45х25 - 365 UAH
Neodymium magnet 45х30 - 440 UAH
Neodymium magnet 50х30 - 490 UAH
Neodymium magnet 55х25 - 490 UAH
Neodymium magnet 55х35 - 745 UAH
Neodymium magnet 60h20 - 490 UAH
Neodymium magnet 60x30 - 750 UAH
Neodymium magnet 70х20 - 750 UAH
Neodymium magnet 70 x 30 - 985 UAH
Neodymium magnet 70х40 - 1275 UAH
Neodymium magnet 70x50 - 1590 UAH
Neodymium magnet 70x60 - 1950 UAH
Neodymium magnet 90х40 - 2365 UAH
Neodymium magnet 90x50 - 2890 UAH
Neodymium magnet 100х30 - 2365 UAH
Neodymium magnet 100х40 - 2890 UAH
Neodymium magnet 100x50 - 3465 UAH
Magnet neodymium rectangular 40х40х20 - 415 UAH
Magnet neodymium rectangular 51х51х25 - 635 UAH
Search unilateral magnet F120 - 750 UAH
Search unilateral magnet F200 - 950 UAH
Search unilateral magnet F300 - 1450 UAH
Search unilateral magnet F400 - 1650 UAH
Search unilateral magnet F600 - 2600 UAH
Search double sided magnet F120 - 1300 UAH
Search double sided magnet F200 - 1550 UAH
Search double sided magnet F300 - 2450 UAH
Search double sided magnet F400 - 2750 UAH
Search double sided magnet F600 - 3750 UAH
A cord 7 mm for search magnet - 4 UAH per 1 meter.