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Hygrometer thermometer for the comfort of your kiddies and friends shipping price see video

Offer type: salePublished: 30.09.2017
Price:75 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
We offer You high-precision digital thermometer-hygrometer/thermohygrometer with battery included (AG13(LR44)x2) at an attractive price.

The price of a thermohygrometer 75 UAH per unit . Available thermohygrometers in black and white .

Excellent for use in incubators, terrariums, cages, cells,
greenhouses and any other indoor / outdoor venues, or just for home use.
Thermometer-hygrometer, used in cars and other areas where necessary to make the control of temperature and humidity.
The placement of the device in the nursery will help to establish the climate for improving the health of children.

The device allows you to mount it to a surface other surfaces .

All hygrometers-thermometers brand new and tested for performance.

A small video look at the link

• Temperature measuring range: -40 ~ +70 OC.
• Humidity measuring range: 10% - 99% RH.
• Temperature measurement accuracy – 0.1°.
• Precision measurement of humidity - 5% RH.
• Update frequency of the readings: 10 seconds.
• Battery - 1.5 V 2pcs LR44.
• Case size - 48x28.5x15.2mm
• The size of the LCD screen 40x22.5mm
• Net weight: 24 g

Package contents:
Thermometer-hygrometer (thermometer-hygrometer)
Kit 1 battery type LR44

All questions on acquisition will gladly answer by phone in Kiev 068-168-47-43 , 063-709-26-23 , 050-623-55-00 or through the form on the website

The whole product is in stock and available to order in any quantity

Buy from us safely . We time-tested sellers .

Shipping and payment.

We deliver to Bac a convenient way:
Visalam throughout Ukraine

Delivery-Ukrposhta: cash on delivery (If required).
For shipping and cash on delivery paid by the buyer.

Delivery of New mail, cash on delivery (If required).
-For shipping and cash on delivery paid by the buyer.

- Shipping-Intime: cash on delivery (If required).
- For shipping and cash on delivery paid by the buyer.

- At a meeting - exhibition center-Children's world-the Leningrad area

- Courier to any metro station at a convenient time for you-15 UAH

Payment can be made convenient way for You:
- Cash on delivery - upon receipt of the goods directly at the post office after screening.
- Bank transfer - money the buyer transfers to a Bank card that reduces the price for the shipment.

Work without breaks and weekends-call any time , any order will send out within 2 hours max .

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