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Bed loft m 85 economy

Offer type: salePublished: 02.02.2022
Seller:"WellMebel" Otdel prodazh
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Address:Moscow, Moskovskaya Oblast', Russian Federation
Loft bed m economy can be reinforced in the main body colour: oak Chamonix, walnut, oak milk and complementary colors in ANY case: dairy oak, oak Chamonix, walnut, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, wenge with metal/Ldtp stairs WITHOUT lining made of natural wood (therefore, an economical version of the legendary bed-attic m). Universal circuit Assembly (right/left). The edges of the countertops are covered with PVC edge. Children M 85 economy occupies an area of only 1.8 m2 of your room. Width 2.15 m, depth without a ladder - 84.5 cm, with a ladder - 1m 35cm, height - 1m 85.5 see the height of the flanges 27 see the niche Size mattress - I see a roll-out table: 60x40 cm, the effective area of 40x40 see loft Bed with work area m 85 economy for adult children from 3 years. The price of the baby m 85 economy: 10800 RUB the Cost of the mattress is made of synthetic latex 1900/H - 2600 rubles for delivery to the building entrance: 800 RUB ring + 30 rubles/km lift 300 rubles for one set, manual hoist 200 rubles, first floor, next 150 rubles per floor for one set. Assembly 1200 rubles on the day of delivery or next! Payment on delivery! For independent calculation of shipping costs: bed-loft m-85 economy weight 165 kg, the volume of 0.7 cube. The products You can see and buy on the website furniture online store WellMebel in the section "children's wall"