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Terminals, "flags", "blades" on the transformer

Offer type: salePublished: 06.02.2014
Seller:Kudryashev Andrej
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Cheboksary
Production of the contact terminals for power transformers are one of the leading directions of the company NPO "Energokomplect"
The contact clamps are used for connection of current-carrying busbars to the conclusion of the office of the transformer is made in a cylindrical shape with an internal threaded part connected to the pins on the findings of a power transformer by LV.
The clamp provides a reliable contact of the findings of the power transformer by LV with the busbar.
For registration, you must specify the power transformer, the size of studs: the diameter and thread pitch.
A flexible system of DISCOUNTS!
clamps on NN for 25-160 kVA - M12x1,75;
clamps on NN for 250 kVA - MH;
clamps on NN for 400 kVA - M20x1,5;
clamps on NN for 630 kVA - Mg,5;
the terminals of the low voltage for 1000 kVA - MH;
clamps on NN for 1600 kVA - MH;
clamps on NN for 2000 kVA - MH.
clamps on NN to 2500 kVA - MH.
Any mounting and overall dimensions of the contact terminals for transformers in full can be made according to customer's drawings.
Production time is AVAILABLE!
Delivery across Russia and neighboring countries. Call.