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Wooden puzzle - to develop, playing!

Offer type: salePublished: 05.02.2018
Price:92 UAH
Seller:Galina Galina
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Address:L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv, Ukraine
Wooden puzzle for children and adults is the best gift for any occasion!Designed and manufactured in Ukraine. Price from 92 UAH.Delivery throughout Ukraine New mail. Details by phone"Tower Tabarra"-215 UAH, "Suddock captain spike"-185 UAH, "Cross Dubois"-153 UAH, "the Snake Masao"-164 UAH, "Star van der Graas"-92 UAH, "the Delphic cube"-233 UAH, "Masonic square"-116 UAH, "arena don Salvatore"-100 UAH."Tower Tabarra". You must build a tower and then remove the bars with Chavarri (except top floor). Next, take another piece of lying on the table, bars, cylinders and prisms, and install on the top of Tavarre, the tower must not fall. The last player who moved the bar, and the tower did not fall is the winner, the player, after whom the tower fell - that lost. Price - 215 UAH."Chest captain spike". This is an exact copy of "Box of captain spike" made in scale 1:5 the surviving descriptions made by the captain in letters to relatives. Once the contents of the box spill out and how the captain tried, he could not fit the ninth fragment. Try to put all nine pieces of the altar back in the drawer. Price - 185 UAH."Cross Dubois" is often called the king of puzzles. To collect it is a real art. The highlight of the puzzle is that, collecting the first five parts, you need to make seven more manipulation to the sixth (last) item put in its place. Cross Dubois develops strategic thinking, logic, persistence, observation, creativity and improves coordination. Price - 153 UAH."Snake Masao" - wooden snake, which consists of interconnected cubes . Understand still quite hard to put the snake back into a cube so that it holds its shape. Collecting a cube try to assemble your figure - do not limit your imagination. The puzzle is very comfortable on the road - all the elements are interconnected and will not be lost. Snake Masao develops spatial thinking, logic, imagination. The price - 164 UAH."Star van der Graas" develops spatial and logical thinking, intelligence and motor skills of the fingers. The star consists of six elements that need to be folded node. Price - 92 UAH."Delphic cube" promotes ingenuity, perseverance, ability to focus, develops spatial thinking, logic, imagination, fine motor skills, teaches to find and install the correct behavior. After collecting the cube of 12 pieces You will help Kamenets Masaru to build an altar and to share in his glory. Price - 233 UAH."Masonic square" - an exact copy of the riddle of Gunnar. The puzzle consists of a square frame, which is two triangles and three quadrilaterals. These figures occupy almost the entire area of the square. In a separate alcove is the sixth item - square. Your task is to put the black square of the shapes so that they completely fill space, and no detail was superfluous. The price is 116 UAH. "Don Salvatore arena" consists of a hexagonal frame and 9 elements of various shapes. To play you need all the elements, from which you can make many shapes. Price - 100 UAH.