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One hour and You are in Switzerland

Offer type: servicesPublished: 29.01.2015
Seller:Shatskaya Alesya
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A couple of years ago it was possible to go only to residents of the European Union.
Today, with rare exception, the guards are allowed to enter and residents from outside the EU. In uncertain times, today it would be reasonable to take this opportunity to not leave at a later time.
Switzerland is a completely different country compared to Italy.
If You closed my eyes and opened them in Lugano or the Italian city - You would without a shadow of a doubt identified this fabulous country.
In Switzerland you can see a lot of things:
and the chocolate factory, and Minishowcase - town Midgets and old churches with well-known names of artists, and the Holy mountain lifts (men: what is the name translates as Salvatore? You there:)), and spectacular performances of falconry, and SPA...
But they especially love our tourists to buy the original in the Swiss Center Hours and visit Foxtown (FoxTown) , Swiss outlet.
These and other "ingredients" can be selected and put together in a car trip or on the train.
But the opportunity that we have today, it is necessary to use.
Many already knew))