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Parts and fittings for wooden Windows from BLS

Offer type: salePublished: 21.01.2015
Seller:Pryazhnikov Vasilij
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
Accessories window Internika, Roto, Vorne: handles, hinges, latches, locks, clamps, straps, caps, templates, limiters turn knobs, push the headset.
Automatic actuators Varia, Giesse; window vents: inlet valves, canopies exterior.
Drainage aluminium profiles: the holders of the profile, the profiles cover the window sash, end caps for low tides.
Seals for wooden Finnish and Windows, equipment for welding and cutting of the seal.
Wood-aluminium system AllStart; Gutmann - Cora, Mira; Aluron - Reno Line, Gemini: aluminum profiles, tools, fasteners, gaskets.
System for the production of wooden Windows Start: glued wooden structures: profiles Start - beam romeny, shield glued; accessories - pins, dowels; equipment and tools; the profiles of the frame, sash, casement, angles, inserts; connector fittings.
All certificates, free delivery.