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Fittings for sliding structures Siegenia-Aubi from BLS

Offer type: salePublished: 14.01.2015
Seller:Pryazhnikov Vasilij
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
Parallel-sliding system Siegenia-Aubi PSK-160 (PLUS) and PSK-100 (PLUS) for parallel-sliding folding wooden, plastic and aluminum Windows and balcony doors: a set of carriages, scissors, tying the sash, striker, guides, pens, pads.
Also suitable for Windows larger area in the winter gardens, terraces or the stalls. The system can withstand the weight of the valves respectively up to 160 kg and 100 kg
Accessories Siegenia-Aubi is smooth running and good sound and heat insulation. The details of the accessories available in 4 colors: white, brown, bronze and silver. Portals are equipped with special additional elements.
Window construction, made in the format, sliding doors will give your home a unique appearance, fill it with light and create it comfortable stay.
In addition to these portals is possible to order FS-portals (folding accordion) and HS-portals (for massive lifting-sliding doors).
All certificates, free delivery.