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Set of watch tool of 13 items

Offer type: salePublished: 09.12.2023
Seller:i-Mag Natal'ya
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv, Ukraine
The time set for repair of 13 items. This set of watchmaker from 13 subjects will be indispensable for both professional watchmaker and Amateur. This set of tools for watch repair comes with a convenient case for storage and carrying. This kit will help you repair even the most minor mechanisms. Product features Set of watch tools 13 items:
Press to parse bracelet. Allows very smoothly, quickly and without risk to break something or proporti his hand to disassemble the fastening metal bracelet, in order to increase or decrease its length.
Covariance for hours. With protective cap. Allows you to open the clock, in which the back cover has no thread, no screws
The key to opening the watchcase. The key is adjusted to the desired diameter of hours the two nuts. One in the middle between the two top grips that she and regulated, and the role of the second nut takes the handle of the key, which regulates the third capture. In a jar a lot of different nozzles.
Holder for hours. Plastic
Punch for disassembly bracelets. 3 pieces of interchangeable Nozzles
Three flathead screwdriver to different widths. The nozzle is changeable too.
A tool for removing strap
Case with zipper in the form of purses, cloth fixed with rubber bands
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