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Eye drops Lanang (2 booth. x 15ml) Tibemed,delivery to Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 08.09.2021
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Eye drops Lanang quickly relieve the discomfort from the eyelids and eyes; for hygiene mucous membrane of the eyelids and eyes; conjunctivitis, allergies, increased mucus, inflammation of the eyelids, slezotochivogo; reduce intraocular pressure; with tired eyes after long hours at the computer, while staying indoors under low humidity or working air conditioning; during long road trips; travel; for comfortable contact lens wear. Used in cataract in old age; cataract,complicated diabetes mellitus; the clouding of the vitreous body; slezotochivogo caused by the wind; trachoma; of presbyopia; conjunctivitis; irritation caused by wearing contact lenses.
Ingredients: Sarcastically, flowers Tibetan saffron, the root of the radish mountain, bear bile, mountain grass phumin temple, taurine, vitamin B6, menthol, sodium hyaluronate.
Weak neutral smell. Does not contain preservatives.
Usage: apply topically, for daily use, three to five times per day 1-2 drops.
Contraindications: children ,pregnant or lactating;individual sensitivity to components. Discontinue use in case of allergic reactions.
Form release: vial - 15ml (pack of two bottles) Number of standardization: Q/S XRK001-20 storage Conditions: keep in a cool, dry place, protected from moisture and light in a tightly closed bottle.
Shelf life: 2 years.Manufacturer: Bioengineering company of Tibet “Genkan”. Location: city of Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous region of China. It is not a drug.