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CO2 Fractional Laser Machine Stretch Mark Removal Acne Scar Removal Machine

Price:negotiated  Wholesale price:  negotiated
Min. amount:1 70*45*94cm



Co2 laser not only is the vaginal laxity laser of world's first non-invasive treatment , but also is the most secure, most effective and most comfortable vaginal tightening laser. Dot Matrix Laser has two unique patented technologies: "Smooth non-invasive tightening technology" and "Gold 360°annular technology." that is to do that which only need 30 minutes to achieve a compact vaginal effect without recovery period and bleeding.




1.Simple operation -- only 15 minutes

2.Well-known as high stability and cost-effective

3.Lasting effect -- one course can maintain 1-3 years

4.Tighten the vagina noticeably, effectively improving vaginal relaxation

5.It acts selectively on the diseased tissue without affecting normal skin tissue

Safe, painless, no side effect and excellent treatment




1.Skin excrescence such as wart.etc

2.Acne scar removal

3.Winkle removal and skin tightening

4.Skin renewing and resurfacing

5.Smooth scars such as surgical scars,burns,stretch marks.etc

6.Vaginal treatment: vaginal tightening, vaginal anti-aging




Private function:

1 Private part shrinkage: fast tightening, long-lasting tightness and firmness increased by 60%

2 Beautify the vagina: Lighten the pigment, beautify the labia and increase the pinkness by 70%.

3 Moisturizing vagina: Improve secretion, eliminate dryness and increase lubricity by 80%.

4 Nourishing vagina: Deep anti-aging, preventing aging and increasing youthfulness by 80%.

5 Improve sensitivity.

6 Private health, balance PH, improve internal environment.


1. Women who have had childbirth experience.

2. Women who have been in SEX for more than 3 years.

3. Women who have frequent SEX.

4. Women with abortion.

5. Women with gynecological problems.

6. Women with low SEX orgasms.


Lattice and pulse function:

1. Various scars (surgical scars, burn scars, scald scars)

2. Get rid of pigmented lesions (freckles, sun spots, age spots, sunburns, chloasma, etc.)

3. Get rid of stretch marks.

4. Complete skin rejuvenation (rejuvenation, firming, shrinking pores, nodular acne

5. Vascular disease (capillary hyperplasia, rosacea)

6. Remove false and true wrinkles

7. Remove acne scars



Laser type:Sealed-off DC CO2 laser                      

Output energy:1-60w      

Scanning circle diameter:0.1-20mm                        

Scan rectangular area: 0.1*0.1-20*20                     

Aiming light:Red semiconductor indicator light (650nm)   

Power:AC220V,50/60Hz 10A


Weight :40kg

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