The Dymoff company, which has been operating on the Russian market since 2011, is engaged in the manufacture of pipes and equipment for various types of boiler houses, as well as building metal structures, installation and dismantling of structures of any complexity. All manufactured products with quality certificates. There is also a full package of permits for all types of work performed

Detailed description

Chimney production: choice of material
Modern gas exhaust systems are made from various building materials. Among them are asbestos cement and brick, plastic and ceramics, stainless steel and some other materials, with their own advantages and disadvantages. More and more in demand are reliable and efficient coaxial smoke exhaust systems , and insulated gas ducts of the "sandwich" type made of stainless steel, for boilers and furnaces on any type of fuel. Practical in use and in demand material for the manufacture of industrial heating systems and domestic gas boilers is stainless steel.

Official company site: https://dymohodom.ru/

Activity Type: production

Personnel count: 50 - 200 people

Categories: construction industry, construction work